Why We Have Mass Murders: Hint, It Isn’t Guns

why_psychiatrists_cant_predict_mass_murderersEvery time some crazy idiot decides that he wants to take out a bunch of people, it seems that the mainstream media all but licks their lips at yet another opportunity to attack guns. What they, and most of America for that matter fail to understand is that these mass murders are not caused by firearms, they are caused by our obsession with fame and the media’s willingness to provide that fame to those who commit these atrocities. These morons and whack jobs that, in their normal live are all but invisible, become famous by the simple act of killing other human beings. I will grant you that fire arms make this pursuit substantially easier but these mass murderers are way more motivated by becoming important than anything else and the mass media is all too happy to oblige.

Almost immediately after last Saturday’s mass shooting, CNN started showing a continuous loop of a father of one of the shooting victims. This man rages against the NRA and other political leaders for not doing something about Sandy Hook and gun violence. The reporter looks at him with concern in her eyes and milks every drop of sadness and anger from this poor father. The AP726478900400-1280x960mainstream media are emotional vampires, living off the suffering of the human beings they exploit. These news agencies don’t care about these people. They only care about their ratings and pushing the agendas of their corporate minders. I am NOT so conspiracy driven as to think that there is strategy of giving notoriety to these mass murderers in order to propagate more mass murders, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

There are two problems with America in regards to mass murders and our reactions to them. The first problem is that the American people love to be scared of things that we can’t control. The mainstream media doesn’t spew constant fear mongering propaganda because they like it, they distribute fear because the American people eat it up with a spoon. If you look at two very politically driven “news” agencies, such as MSNBC and Fox News, you will see that both sides of the political spectrum uses fear to get what they want. The left vilify firearms, rural Christians who don’t think like city folk, etc. and the rights vilify terrorists, crazy liberals that don’t think like country folk, etc. It is beyond obvious that the mainstream media and our politicians use fear to manipulate the American people for the sole reason that it works.

paparazziThe second problem that we have in America is the fact that there are so many people that feel completely invisible in a society that values fame above almost anything else. These murderers are the outcasts of their community and of society in general. In the past they would have been simply ostracized and left alone, but now they have an opportunity to become famous and to be thrust from obscurity and into the houses of every American and around the world. We love to be outraged all these mass murders but we sit there and we consume all the information about them. We watch hours of “breaking news” broadcasts and talk about them with our loved ones. Some of us even write blog posts about them (notice that I refuse to use the names of the killers). We give these monsters what they want and then we scream and cry that we haven’t done anything to stop mass shootings. I am not saying anything that everyone who is reading this article doesn’t already know, but it’s really starting to piss me off.

gun-control-protesterWe have got to stop thinking that these mass murders are caused by the availability of fire arms. Mass murders are not caused by guns, they are caused by the idiots who commit them and the mainstream media who gives them a voice. The kid who committed the mass murderers this weekend posted his manifesto on YouTube because he knew that the media was going to play it and that his face would be all over the television. He killed those people not only because he wanted revenge, but because he was a pathetic loser that no one ever paid attention to in a nation that values people like Kim Kardashian.

Editor of SHTF Journal. Served as a Cavalry Scout from 2005-2009. Iraq Veteran.

  • Dannyboy53

    A horrible subject but one that necessarily must be faced and dealt with. I have been involved in the response to and investigations of many murders in my career as a Peace Officer. It’s an extremely emotionally charged event and understandably so when a loved one is violently and brutally taken from our midst.

    The media, in my humble opinion, are low-life vultures and use these events and the emotion generated by them to advance the agenda of gun control and ultimately the confiscation of all firearms. As you point out, the media doesn’t give a hoot in hell about crime or those that are victimized.

    The victims are simply a “means to an end” by a sinister regime and the media they own.