It seems obvious that the struggle between liberty and tyranny stems from a fundamental difference of opinion in regards to the right of the individual to be an individual. On one side you have a group of people who believe that it is government’s responsibility to tell us how we should live, how we should raise our children and how we should spend the money that we earn. While on the other side we have people who believe that the ultimate goal of government is to protect the rights granted to us by our creator. The truth is, progressives believe that the average American is too stupid to take care of themselves or their families. They mock Americans as being uninformed and incapable of making even the simplest decision. They honestly believe that America would be better off if the government dictated literally every part of our lives from how we raise our children, to how we spend our money, to what we eat, and even how we think. The silly part is that they all believe this is actually freedom. They believe that it is the freedom from danger and the freedom from making choices. In fact it is simply the freedom from being an individual.

All you have to do is look at laws and regulations passed by progressives and their “conservative” counterparts to understand what their ultimate goal is. Look at laws passed such as the size of drinks that we can order or the “common core” education requirements.  Just look at the attacks on our privacy and the fight to take away our right to bear arms. All of these laws and regulations have been enacted to protect us from ourselves. These legislators and their supporters create laws not to make us more free or to protect the rights granted to us by God but to legislate behavior. Instead of giving us the ability to make our own decisions, they believe it is the right of the government to make those decisions for us. If there is a better example of tyranny, I have not seen it. The only thing that differentiates this style of government from other despotic regimes is that they haven’t started killing us yet. Notice that I use the word YET.

No matter how the left would like to deny it, progressivism is socialism in every respect but name. They believe that there should be wealth redistribution, a common way of raising our children and a complete dependency on our government. Instead of government officials that represent the people they want our representatives to take care of the people. Progressives see an individual as something that is dangerous and needs to be controlled. Is there any wonder why our government, with the progressives leading the charge, have created so many methods of monitoring the citizens of this country? From increasing the power of the NSA to the NDAA, progressives in the far left have implemented and empowered the tools to crush individualism.

In short, the destruction of the Bill of Rights has been planned in order to push the progressive agenda. There is no bigger danger to this republic than a progressive led government. The fact that conservatives and progressives align in so many ways when it comes to individual liberty shows you how far progressivism has permeated our government and our culture. Even so called conservatives believe that government’s ultimate role is to take care of us. The nanny state is nothing more then a tyrannical socialist government with a police state thrown in for flavor. Unless we do something, this will be the reality that our children and our children’s children will be living in.

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