I was reading an article on Mother Jones which discussed the history of mass shootings since the 1980′s. It ended up being the same old left-leaning drivel, but I saw an interesting comment that made me want to write this article.

The comment said that wanting to ban assault rifles was not un-American and a realization dawned on me; Pro-gun control people are completely disconnected from reality. Giving away the tools for resistance is about as un-American as it gets, but then another realization dawned on me. The left loves to bolster and they love to condemn, but none of them are willing to fight for anything. If the shit hits the proverbial fan, none of them would be willing to stand up and do, well, anything more than complain (and most likely die).

I think that a big difference between patriots and progressives, aside from the obvious, is that one side is willing to fight for what they think is right, while the other is only willing to complain about what they consider to be injustice. One side demands having the implements to resist tyranny and the other wants to give those tools away. It’s really interesting to think about what would happen if even a quarter of the citizens who own an “assault-style weapon” would decide that they had had enough. It is already obvious that the standing military (currently shrinking) and the police wouldn’t even come close to being able to stop a mobilized and dedicated civilian insurgency. So if progressives and liberals don’t want guns and are frankly afraid of them, then there wouldn’t be anyone aside from a small impotent police force to resist a takeover. I am not advocating said revolution, but it is an interesting thought.

Another interesting thought is how certain people in this country don’t believe that war and violence is possible on our shores. They see it as a far off problem that only happens overseas. What they fail to think about is that our army and Marines constitutes less than 1/5 of 1 percent of our population. Even if you take in the Navy, the Air force, the Coast Guard, and every single reserve unit, those numbers only bring that percentage up to 0.7% of the population. The military wouldn’t even be able to secure every major American city let alone be able to put up a resistance against a sizable internal insurgency. A strong and modern force would roll through this country in a matter of months if there wasn’t a civilian population willing to stand up against them. The reason why the Japanese feared to invade the American homeland was because they knew they would be facing an armed civilian population. That is changing.

It is my sincere belief that if the American Civil War happened today the results would be drastically different. In those days there was a population of men who’d be willing to stand up and fight for their beliefs on both sides of the Mason Dixon Line. Today, courage and guts are monopolized buy those in the right, a great deal of which reside in the south. All you have to do is look at the political demographics of combat arms soldiers and Marines. Though my survey is not scientific, in my four years in a combat arms MOS and working with infantry soldiers and marines, tankers, aviators, artillery men, and scouts, I can count on both hands how many of them would consider themselves liberals. I will concede that the officer ranks might be closer to 66% conservative, but who does the actual fighting. The right controls almost every single man that would be willing to hold a rifle in a fight. Like I said, interesting.

Those of us who have lived through war understand that when everything is taken away and words mean nothing only those who are willing to fight for their families and their country have a voice at all. The weak are culled and the strong dictate what is right. The left might speak louder and might complain more, but they have no teeth. Without the resolve to fight and die for what they believe they are nothing but hot air. Patriots, on the other hand have the resolve to stand up for what they think is right and more importantly they have the implements to be able to do it. In a nation with over 114 million handguns, 110 million rifles, 86 million shotguns, and 4 million “assault rifles” in private circulation and with 1 in 4 Americans owning more than 4 firearms, tell me honestly, who do you think has the power?

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